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made in France

Get full access to your EM with your smartphone*


With the app, you can:

- Customize your bike's settings to match the performance to the track and your riding style. 

-adjust throttle

-re- generative braking


-TKO function

- See all your bike's important data live: battery level, engine speed, map engaged.

- Lock your bike. Prevent your bike from being used at the touch of a button.

- Access historical data such as the number of riding hours or battery cycles.

- Contact sales or after-sales service directly from the app.

- Read the latest news from the EM community


*Compatible models :  2024 Epure Race, 2024 Escape "S" and 2024 Escape "R"


 New for 2024


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Here at Hi-Torque we are excited to offer Canadians the best electric Off-road motorcycles in the World.  These French made, championship winning electric motorcycles will silently go where few motorcycles can go and will have you grinning from ear to ear as you explore what Canada's outdoors has to offer.  Contact us today to find out more about EM electric dirt bikes.

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